Roulette – How to Play and Win

Roulette - How to Play and WinRoulette gained popularity in the mid 1800s is often associated with tuxedoed gents, bejeweled women, caviar, and champagne. Some give credit of the birth of roulette to Blaise Pascal, the famed mathematician. It is difficult to know, but it would make perfect sense, roulette being a mathematical game.

There are more gambling systems devised to beat the roulette wheel than any other game. A betting system may give you an advantage in the short term, but do not expect to systematically play your way to riches using the roulette wheel in the casinos. For one thing, everything considered, it is a very difficult task involving such intricacies as “wheel clocking”, or finding a biased roulette wheel. For another thing, it is unlikely that the casinos will sit back and do nothing about it if you actually were to succeed.

Having a goal of staying ahead when playing roulette, even if it is only a relatively small amount, is more realistic than having a goal of making millions.
Now that we have our feet back on the ground…let us talk about the basics of roulette. However, if you are already ready to play visit one of the online casinos that we recommend to get started.

The Roulette Rules

Stepping up to the table for the first time can be intimidating, so spend some time here, reading this article on the basic how-to of the game, in order to gain the confidence you need to proceed! If playing roulette online is going to be your practice field before a live performance, we can spend some time on that as well…later.

For starters, roulette moves relatively slow, so the roulette table may be a wise jumping off place to get your feet wet and begin to enjoy your casino experience. Its nature is subdued and quiet, and by proxy of that attitude it tends to draw a more ”civilized” crowd.

Secondly, roulette has its own set of chips, which are not the same as the other tables and games in the casino. When you trade your regular money or chips in, they will give you a stack of roulette chips. They will be all the same color. Everyone playing at the table uses their own color, as this is the only way the dealers can keep track of what bet belongs to whom.

The value of the color of chips is the dealers’ decision, and he/she will make it known to everyone playing at the roulette table, because all the chips at the table have the same value. Dealers will place what is known as a “lamer” on top of a chip of that color. If you see the person beside you with red chips and you see a lamer on a stack of red chips with $100 printed on it, you know that stack of red chips is worth $100. Stacks of chips are usually 20 deep, so the $100 marker on the stack will tell you that the chips are worth $5 each ($5 x 20 chips = $100).

Okay, your money is down, you have been assigned some chips and your color; you are ready to play the game of roulette!

Placing the Bet

Actually placing the physical bet in roulette is easy and only requires dexterity. However, there are different places you can put bets down, so it can be rather befuddling to begin with. Bets basically fall into one of two categories: inside bets and outside bets. Naturally, being on the outside of the table makes those bets placed there “outside bets” and conversely, the inside bets are the ones on the main grid of numbers, which are located on the inside of the roulette table.

To place a bet, take your roulette chip(s) and put it (them) down where you want to bet. It really is as simple as it sounds, keeping in mind that, outside bets must each be at least the table minimum, whereas inside bets only have to total the table minimum. What does that mean? If the table minimum is $10, outside bets each has to be $10, no matter how many there are. However, on your inside bets you can make two $5 bets or ten $1 bets. You can make as many different bets as you want at any given time. You can even bet on red and black at the same time, although there is not really going to be an advantage in doing so. As long as your bet total is at least the table minimum, but under the maximum, you are okay.

You can place a bet almost any time you want while the roulette session is going. I said almost because there is a “cut off” point. Let me explain. After one spin is completed and the losing bets have been swept off, you will see other gamblers starting to lay their roulette bets down for the next spin. This usually takes a while, so do not think that you have to rush to place your bets. You can do that all the way up to the point where the dealer will wave his hand(s) over the table and yells “no more bets!” He/she will not do this until after the ball has been spinning for a little while, and bets can be placed while the roulette wheel is still in motion, all you need to pay attention to is the dealer.

When the ball stops and comes to a rest, the dealer(s) will begin to pay the winning bets, and sweep the board clean of losing bets. If you watch a few rounds, you quickly come to realize that the casino always seems to sweep away more bets than it pays off. As long as they are not your bets, I guess you will be doing well!

That’s it! It is not too complicated at all. In fact roulette is a very easy game to learn, and even easier to play. The casinos often try to give the ambience of sophistication because it attracts money to the roulette table. Do not let this keep you from enjoying a spin or two.