Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Online roulette is a really good attempt by the Internet gurus to simulate the real thing. However, there are some major differences between the two, and they are pretty obvious upon observation. Where you are is a good place to start. Standing live in front of a roulette table fully clothed and alone in your house is vastly different than playing in a real casino, where it is part of the casino dealer’s job to try and pull your attention away from the game.

Sometimes, they will try anything to do just that! So, remember, that although online roulette may allow you to get comfortable with the basic rules and practices of the game, there really is no way it can prepare you for the atmosphere of the real casino.

First you’re operating in a vacuum when playing online roulette, because you are not dealing with physical people and the competition they present. Casinos are also full of other things that easily distract you.

Second thought that occurs to me, and I’m sure others as well when considering online versus real life roulette is that of security. What do I mean? Well, in real life, you watch as the little ball jumps around and gets thrown back and forth on pegs, edges and the like, and then it quite randomly falls into place. This somehow affords you the feeling that you “have a chance” and that it is not predictable and “rigged”. This element is missing when going online to play. However, as long as you only play at the online casinos we recommend, you can rest assured that the software is honest.

Roulette Strategies and Betting Systems

When it comes to roulette strategy, there are a number of effective betting systems that can help you become a winner.

The math behind roulette is simple, and it is fairly encouraging since the game of roulette has a relatively low “house edge”. That is to say…knowing it does help you “beat the wheel” but only if you use it together with a good betting system. At his point we need to discuss “house edge”.

This is the percentage or odds that the house gives you for winning. Most American casinos quote a roulette house edge of 5.31% for every bet except one. The other bet, the five-number bet, gives a more dismal house edge of 7.13%. What it comes down is this: if you want something that works, look for extended rules when you play.

For instance, some online casinos use a rule called ‘surrender’. When playing with this rule (and you need to find out if its in place BEFORE playing) you have the closest thing to a strategy that ever was. Many online casinos also offer single zero roulette, which brings down the house edge to a very low 2,7%.

The surrender rule applies only to outside bets that pay even money. These bets are: red/black, even/odd, and high/low. If the ball lands on 0 or 00 then you only lose half of what you placed as a bet instead of all of it. When casinos use this rule, then the house edge starts to drop to around 2.5% for American roulette and 1.35% for single zero roulette. This rule works very much in your favour, and if it is in use it makes roulette one of the best casino games to play.

There are several strategies and betting systems that are worth trying to learn to increase your chances of winning at this game. However, there are a few sites on the Internet selling betting systems which try to teach you how to systematically beat an online casino’s roulette game, but these are usually a waste of money.