Online Craps Strategy Advice

Online Craps Strategy AdviceDo try various betting systems but also use your intuition, invent your own systems, and don’t be a stiff-necked “systems player.” Do be aware that what worked yesterday might not work today, and do just “keep fooling around…” Use your imagination and try to “catch a trend” for a wild ride with possible big wins.

Double Odds in Online Craps

It is not essential to play “Double Odds” for a good game of Craps, so this is a bit beyond the scope of this beginner article. However, Double Odds offers “zero” house advantage, and so will decrease further the “already low” total house advantage. Also in online craps you do not need to understand the process fully – the computerized system does this for you! So I just will explain the general procedure.

To play Double Odds, you wait until a “point” has been established by rolling 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Now while you are trying to “make the point” a second time–the casino allows you to increase your bet. You click behind the icon for the original bet, and more chips will be placed for this “Odds” bet. The standard is “Double Odds,” meaning you can place Odds bets for any amount up to double the original bet. For example, if the original Line Bet was $10, you can place Double Odds for any amount from $1 up to $20, and sometimes a bit more. If you then “make the point,” you are paid more than you bet, depending on the precise mathematical “odds” as follows:

  • 4 or 10: wins pay 2 x the Odds bet.
  • 5 or 9: wins pay 3/2 x the Odds bet.
  • 6 or 8: wins pay 6/5 x the Odds bet.

Rounding Your Odds in Online Craps

Picture of strategy for craps players In offline Craps, it is important to “round” your Odds bets correctly, because the offline casino will not pay you in cents. For example, an offline Odds bet on 6 or 8 should be “rounded off” to the nearest $5, such as: $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, etc. Otherwise, the win payment ratio of 6/5 will not result in an even dollar figure – so the casino will “round down” your win payment to eliminate the cents–thus you will win less than you paid for.

In online craps, “rounding” is less important because usually, the computerized system will pay you in cents. Therefore just use the following guide for online craps and your Odds bets probably always will be perfectly rounded for Pass and Come.

This guide is for Odds bets with Pass and Come only. Playing Odds with Don’t Pass and Don’t Come is slightly more complicated, and is unpopular. Also if you are good at math you can figure this out yourself – and if not good a math you are likely to get confused. So that is beyond the scope of this beginner article.

  • If the minimum Online Craps payout increment is $0.01, then make all your Odds bets in increments of $0.10. Example: $0.10, $0.20, $0.30…$1.00, $1.10, $1.20, $1.30…etc.
  • If the minimum increment is $0.10, then place all your Odds in increments of $1.00. Example: $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, etc.
  • Minimum increment $1.00, then make Odds bets in increments of $10.00. Example: $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, etc.

Avoiding the sucker traps in Online Craps.

There are numerous other bets for both Offline and Online Craps, primarily those called “Proposition” and “Place” bets. A couple of these are not too bad, but none is as good as the Line Bets and Double Odds – and the vast majority are strictly “for suckers only.” Therefore I will not bother to discuss these “novelty” online craps bets here – except to say, “Keep away.”

For Instant Expertise in Online Craps – Play the Line Bets

Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, and Double Odds. If you just remember this, then Online Craps will give you instantly some of the very best chances to win of all online casino games. Whatever you do make sure to play at the best online casino in order to get the best payouts, and to be sure of an honest game.

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