Instant Online Craps

Why play Online Craps?

Craps is the much easier game, and Online Craps is even easier: just bet and roll! Even if you have little idea what is happening, the computerized online craps game automatically will give you the correct wins. Also, unlike most offline games:

Instant Online Craps

In online craps you can bet in amounts as low as 50 cents, or as high as a thousand dollars.

  • In online craps you can make In online craps you can make “Come”“Come” bets more easily for continuous action (see below).
  • In online craps you can play at your own speed.

Online craps therefore is ideal both for experts and beginners–and even the beginner soon becomes an expert, if you follow the simple instructions below.

Play-for-Free Online Craps Downloads

Almost every online casino has a high quality, free download that includes online craps. You can play for money or you can play for free So this is an ideal way to “learn by doing.” I suggest you find our list of Top 30 Online Casinos – pick any casino and get your free download.

The Rules of Online Craps

The rules are identical for offline and online craps. Craps often “sounds” complicated because of poor presentation. Actually the game is simple:

The primary goal of Craps is to roll the same number twice before you roll a seven.

When this happens, this is called a “pass” or “making a point” and you win! There is just one added complication:

If you roll 7 or 11 on the first throw, this is called a If you roll 7 or 11 on the first throw, this is called a “natural” and you win instantly. Or if you roll 2, 3, or 12 on the first throw, this is called “Craps”“natural” and you win instantly. Or if you roll 2, 3, or 12 on the first throw, this is called “Craps” and you lose instantly.

That’s about it!

There are numerous other Craps bets, but this is all you really need to know for any Craps game. For Online Craps – you just click on the chip icons to indicate your bet level – then click on where it says “Pass” to make a “Pass Line” bet – then, you just “roll” the dice repeatedly until you win or lose… These directions may vary slightly, but you will learn by doing. There is nothing complicated about it.

A cure for the cold table: “Don’t Pass” in online craps.

If you seem to lose at the Pass Line at online craps – you can click instead on “Don’t Pass.” This reverses the game, so every loss becomes a win, and vice-versa.

There is only one exception: when the “Craps” throw is 12, the “Don’t Pass” player does not lose and does not win. This win is “barred” and so this is why every Craps table says: “Bar 12.”

The “Bar 12” rule determines the low house advantage for both Offline and Online Craps.

The “Bar 12” of Craps only affects about 1 in 70 game decisions. In contrast, the “zero” of “double zero” Roulette affects 1 in 19 game decisions. Therefore, the resulting house advantage for Craps is about 1/2 as much as for “single zero” online Roulette–and about 1/4 as much as for the “double zero” Roulette that is standard at offline casinos in the USA. This is why online craps always is a superior game.

(If currently you play “Red vs. Black” in Roulette – you should try switching to “Pass vs. Don’t Pass” in Online Craps.)

“Come” Bets for Extra Action in Online Craps

Picture of craps being played in Las VegasAfter a while, you may want extra game action. Then look on the table for “Come” and “Don’t Come.” These bets are identical to Pass and Don’t Pass, and you can start them at any time that the table is waiting for a Pass decision.

In offline craps, Come and Don’t Come bets are confusing to track, and it is expensive to make so many bets at once…

In online craps, these problems are gone! The table is computerized and you can bet small amounts. So depending only on how lucky you feel – you can fill up the table with continuous bets. These bets can be the same or all different sizes, and you can switch between Come and Don’t Come.